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Sweet Summers in ABQ

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

I moved to Albuquerque to attend the University of New Mexico in 2004 and did not come excited about this place. At first I wasn’t trying to find or see the good in Albuquerque. However, that changed in my second year of University when I met a group of friends (and my future husband) who were outdoorsy and absolutely amazing! They showed me the wonders of Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. And now I get a chance to show my boys my favorite places - to be social and see people, as well as the places you can be quiet and relax in nature. It's no wonder that some of my favorite places are also the favorites of other Cohousing ABQ community members. This summer, we made it a point to enjoy these gems together as weekly traditions - opportunities to gather and relish in the beauty around us.

Bike In Coffee at Old Town Farm near the Rio Grande river and off the Bosque bike path (hence the name) is a perfect blend of social and serene. There is live music and food and drink with tables all around the property. Our favorite area to meet is by the gazebo and grassy area where the little internal creek runs under a mini bridge. It's perfect for kids to wonder and explore. They follow the water, walk under cottonwood trees, and get some yummy eats.

Another place is Tasty Tuesday at Hyder Park. This is an event every Tuesday evening at a hilly park covered in trees in Nob Hill (an area full of local shops and quirky houses). This event hosts local food trucks (our favorite is the popsicle truck), free yoga, and live music. It is a great place to lean back in your lawn chair and just enjoy the day or you can get up and get rowdy with the herd of children that attend.

There are so many more places to recommend but to keep light on this newsletter I’ll share one more of my absolute favorites, and that is the East Mountains. This magical place is a pine forest with many trails and picnic areas to meet everyone’s needs. It is a 30-45 minute drive from the center of Albuquerque going east on I-40. You can drive and pull off at the numerous trailheads to start your adventure. Before I had kids, I worked at the local ski area in these mountains and got to know them well in the snowy winters. Now with my little ones, we go on meandering and not very fast hikes up trails, in creeks, and down gullies. We see wildlife and even the butterflies here are friendly and will take a break on your head, looking for something to eat or drink. We also find many other nice and friendly people going out and enjoying their backyard as well.

The inner city opportunities for food, drink, social activities, and family friendly events give the Burqueno dweller access to whatever their heart desires. And the nature in Albuquerque is not only wondrous and diverse but it is also easily accessible. There are not hordes of people competing for space. There is peace here.

Although I did not come to Albuquerque ready to embrace it, this place has embraced me. Summers in Albuquerque are sweet. Hope you’ll enjoy the next one with us!

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