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In September 2017, two families seeking a more connected, supported life joined together to create Cohousing ABQ. Now our growing community includes people ranging in age from 1 to 80, with 12 kids and many aunties and grandparents. 


We are a welcoming group dedicated to creating community. Read our bios to get to know us and learn why we’re excited about Cohousing ABQ. ​

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We're always amazed by how fast kids seem to outgrow their baskets.

Cohousing ABQ Members

Vision and Values

Vision & Values

With Cohousing ABQ, we are creating community intentionally and in line with our shared values. This is what we envision and aspire to. Interested in learning more? Reach out to us to receive the full Cohousing ABQ Vision and Values Statement.

Our Vision

To build a resilient community that lives intentionally and joyfully — caring for each other and the earth.


Our values

The values we share have influenced the physical design of Cohousing ABQ, our decision-making processes and our interactions with one another. Here’s what we value and how those values show up in our community.

We value the health of the planet.

To build a sustainable community, we will preserve as much open space as possible, nurture gardens and protect natural habitats, grow our own food and support local farms, travel by car less, and use greywater systems and waterwise landscaping.

We value our physical and emotional health.

Cohousing ABQ will be a walkable and bikeable community, close to commerce and with easy access to trails. We will promote friendship and social connection in all kinds of ways, from shared meals to outdoor activities, from shared work to open communication through life’s struggles.

We value mutual respect and tolerance.


In community, communication is key—and it’s a muscle to be developed. Our consent-based governance style gives voice to all members. To support open communication, we check in about one another’s well-being and help resolve conflicts when help is needed.

We value living well.


We will eat well in the common house, play together, have more opportunities to walk and bike or swim, share our interests and skills, learn from each other, care for one another and celebrate together. Joy is the zest of a well-lived life, and we intend to experience it to its fullest.


We value diverse beliefs, backgrounds and abilities.


Our goal is to create an inclusive community where everyone sharing our vision and values feels welcome. To make our community accessible, our plans include two fully ADA accessible homes, and all homes will be fully visitable for people with disabilities. We know inclusivity takes self-reflection, honesty and a continuous openness to growth and change. We are committed to doing this work as individuals and together, as a community.

We value confident, inquisitive children.


At Cohousing ABQ, we will open our front doors to a safe space for kids to explore and play. Kids will build relationships with people of all ages, share in group meals and activities and participate in community decisions. As a community, we will support their growth into independent and confident adults, and they’ll have a type of freedom that is rare for kids these days.

We value social connection.


In our fast-paced lives, true connection can be hard to find. But when we work together toward a common goal, share meals and celebrate together, care for one another and commit to working through conflict and hardship together, we believe something deeper and more fulfilling is possible.


Photo Gallery

When we’re not collaborating on our community plans, we get together for meals, camping trips, Zoom happy hours and play dates by the river. Scroll through our photo gallery to see what we’ve been up to.

In the News

Cohousing ABQ in the News

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Call or text Cindy B.

(505) 226-2802


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