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Smarter Design Yields Major Price Cuts

Beautiful new designs for our homes have allowed us to lower prices in ways that we didn’t think possible in the past. Without deviating from our special use permit, we were able to consider visually pleasing elements such unit height variation, traditional northern New Mexico metal roofs, and greater accessibility to each unit’s essential living spaces.

We were able to retain the core elements that have defined our project so far: quality construction, sustainable building practices, sound abatement, natural light, the Common House and, especially for the kids, the shared swimming pool. The community also provided feedback to the architect to maximize the usability of the new loft and attic spaces.

Visualization of one-bedroom home with living room in the front, kitchen/eating in the middle, and bedroom in the rear, plus a loft.

There are four unit sizes now: one, two, three, and four bedrooms, keeping in mind that some families with children or elderly parents may want more space. Prices, though subject to some change, have come down—thanks to the architectural redesign—and should range roughly from $299,500 to $625,500. At below $300,000 our community provides one of the lowest entry price points for cohousing nationwide.

Members and explorers share their excitement over redesign

Natasha: “As a single mom, I love the layout and possibilities in the new one-bedroom design. The loft will be great for my seven-year-old son as well as providing added storage space. Plus, there’s the added space and activities planned for all the cohousing kids in our common house and throughout our outdoor areas.”

Jim: “The new design is amazing. I especially love the gabled metal roofs. Our design gives several folks end units with lots of windows and views of the beautiful cottonwoods and natural vegetation bordering our land. I can hardly wait to hear children’s voices playing outside my home.”

Pat: “I really like how the two-bedroom units have one bedroom and bath downstairs and one bed and bath upstairs. It provides added privacy for each space, and is great for aging in place if stairs become difficult. Plus, the flex space at the top of the stairs is large enough for my home office—that’s a real bonus!”

Alexej: When Alexej saw the design of the four-bedroom, he couldn’t help envisioning the possibilities: “With a little reconfiguring with the downstairs, we could create an ensuite space for an elderly parent, a foreign exchange student or visiting in-laws.”

Keldyn: “I am thrilled with the elegant unit designs and am so looking forward to living in this beautiful space. I love the peaked roofs, the proximity to nature, the plans for the gardens. But even more than the physical space, I am so looking forward to having as neighbors an amazing bunch of funny, intelligent, grounded, and accomplished people.”

Marian: “I love it! It looks like a Northern New Mexico village. It takes a village…and this is the one we’ve been dreaming of for so long.”

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