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Meet the Kids of Cohousing ABQ

Lena and Oona - Cohousing Besties

Cohousing ABQ already has 12 kids, ranging in age from 0 to 10 and we expect many incoming members will be families with kids as well. Why is this so special? Well, despite the numerous known benefits of raising kids in cohousing, it can actually be quite hard to find a community with a good number of kids. That’s true for two main reasons:

  • The kids who join cohousing communities as they are forming eventually grow up, and because it’s rare for residents of established cohousing communities to move out, it can take time for families with kids to join the community again.

  • It’s often individuals of retirement age that have the time and resources to put in what’s necessary to get forming communities off the ground. Cohousing ABQ is fairly unique in the fact that we actually have members of every generation well represented, which is one of the keys to cohousing success.

Quincy building cohousing at Explora.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to some of our wonderful kids. Quincy, who loves building Cohousing buildings out of legos and blocks, Lena and Oona who have been best friends since they were 2, Ori and Ariel who are in love with the Cohousing babies, Milo, who’s 10 and loves playing with the younger kids but who would also love some new friends his age, and Basil, newest to the world at 4 months - she was born into the welcoming arms and loving community that is Cohousing ABQ.

If you’ve ever dreamed of raising kids with the freedom to roam, with a pack of friends ready to play right out their doorstep, and with lots of aunties and grandparent figures a holler away, dream no more.

Ori and Ariel meet baby Maeve and even tinier baby Basil.

Milo by the river.

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